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About Us 



2nd Saturday of each month  

Golden Correl at 9:00 am 

1501 SW 74th St. 

Oklahoma City

Board Meetings

The Monday after the

Club's monthly meeting

Johnnie's at 6:00 pm

6629 NW Expressway


Everyone is welcome at

any of our club meetings and

board meetings. 

The Purpose of Our Club


The purpose of our Club is

to promote the preservation,

restoration, and enjoyment of

all Ford Motor Company

vehicles that were

manufactured between

1932 and 1953.


Owning a Ford Flathead is

not a requirement for


Attend one of our 

meetings and

see what we are about.

           Dues are $30.00 a year.          


In accordance with local

and national by-laws,

members of a regional group

must also maintain membership

in the National Club.


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