About Us


The Purpose Of Our Club is to promote the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of all Ford Motor Company vehicles that were manufactured  between 1932 & 1953 including Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, commercial vehicles, tractors, and other Ford powered vehicles built around the world utilizing the 4, 6, 8, and 12 cylinder engines produced by the Ford Motor Company. You do not have to own a car to be a member. Attend one of our meeting and decide for yourself if we are for you.

We invite you to join our chapter and explore the works of The Early Ford V-8 Club.   


Please note: When you join any regional group, you must also belong to the National Early Ford V-8 Club of America.

Get Involved



2nd Saturday of each month  

9:00 am Ingrid's Kitchen

3701 North Youngs Blvd, Oklahoma City

Board Meetings

The Monday following the general meeting 6:00 pm for dinner 

with the meeting starting at 6:30 

Southern Wings Hanger

6701 N. Rockwell Avenue 

Oklahoma City


All members and friends are welcome at  the general and board meetings.