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June 11 - 17 Grand National Meet in Dearborn, Michigan

Five of our members drove their V-8 Ford's to the meet, taking their time getting there. They stopped at Indy 500 Speedway, Ford Foundation Museum, Duesenberg Museum, and after the meet they went to Mackinac Island. They rest of us put our V-8 Ford's on car trailers and towed them up to Michigan. At the Meet we took a tour of Henry & Clara Ford's house, Fairlane. On Wednesday, we all drove our cars to the Henry Ford's Greenfield Village. The host club arranged for a bus tour to the Gilmore Museum and there we saw cars, cars, and more cars! There was a lady's luncheon at the host hotel. The speaker was the great nephew of Clara Ford. He talked about Clara's background and some of his memories of his of visiting Aunt Clara. 

Randy Plant and Earl Claybaugh received awards in their classes.  

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